Michael Singer workshop “the edge” in YARD gallery

It is an honor for us to welcome the American artist and designer, Michael Singer to a work in progress exhibition in YARD gallery for the March 20 – 25.

We have invited Michael Singer to bring his creative process to the harbor front site at Refshale island in Copenhagen harbor.

The workshop is in collaboration with Yard Gallery, located in a neighboring building at the site. The location is a concrete site at the old Burmeister and Wain shipyard with large industrial buildings that are now used for creative works and other activities.

The site at Refshale island, Copenhagen

Exhibition curator: Dr. Phil and former rector of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Else Marie Bukdahl

Michael Singer has made a significant and forceful impact in the art world and in the urban space.  New interactions between art, nature, humanity and ecology are  the main themes throughout his sculptural work, architecture, garden art and large-scale projects. He has created new models for urban and ecological renewal.

The goal of the workshop in YARD gallery and at the site, is to visualize an environmental, social, economic and cultural relationship between the land, the buildings, and water. Michael Singer’s process is based on “whole systems” planning and design. The workshop will identify the unique qualities of this site and explore opportunities that demonstrate the potential interactions between nature, human systems, environmental sustainability and functional necessities.

Michael Singer has worked extensively with urban sites where land connects to water. He calls this the “edge”, and he views this dynamic interface as a primary place to ask the question, “How can we live with what sustains us?”
West Palm Beach Waterfront Commons, Florida. Aerial View. 2004 – 2010. Designed by Michael Singer

Concourse C, Denver. Colorado. International Airport. 1994. Designed by Michael Singer

Installation time lapse of Michael Singer’s “First Gate Ritual Series 10/78”, 1978 at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

During the four-day workshop Singer will be joined by his Studio colleague Jason Bregman, an environmental planner and designer to work on-site at the Yard gallery in direct proximity to the site. The workshop will generate the materials for the public presentations at Café Teatret in the evenings. However for this specific workshop the materials, propositions and ideas produced during the workshop will also result in a “work in progress” exhibition at the Yard gallery, opening Sunday March 25.

Together with Singer and Bregman the gallery will host several experts on different days providing their input for the workshop.


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Since the 1970’s Michael Singer’s work has opened new possibilities for outdoor and indoor sculpture and contributed
to the definition of site specific art and the development of public places. Singer’s more recent work has been
instrumental in transforming public art, architecture, landscape and planning projects into successful models for urban
and ecological renewal. Singer’s site specific works provide elements that foster new growth and life, retain and
cleanse water, create areas to witness natural systems and learn from beautiful landscapes, and are respectful of
site, culture, and history.
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Regenerative Design for Landscape, Architecture and Infrastructure’. Lecture March 21., 4 pm. at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Dr. phil. Else Marie Bukdahl is former rector of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The School of Visual Arts and member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. She is working in several Art Academies in China  and  publishing the works of Diderot in Paris. She has written many articles on art, architecture and philosophy.
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Michael Singer, Projects in Art, Design and Environmental Regenration

MAD FOODCAMP, Else Marie Bukdahl
Michael Singer
Om Michael Singer
Kinesisk interview

Organic farmer, chairman and founder of Aastiderne (the seasons), BlackCarbon and GreenCarbon.
Thomas Harttung has been an organic farmer since 1995. In 1999 he co-founded Aarstiderne (the Seasons), an organic box scheme which now delivers boxes of produce to more than 45.000 households in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Thomas serves on several company boards, government panels and advisory boards, counseling on a broad range of matters within sustainable agriculture and food research. In 2005, Thomas founded BlackCarbon and GreenCarbon in order to address the complex interface between environmental sustainability, food security and climate change.
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Time magazine

LAND – Caféteatret

LAND is one of four propositions to a major event at Café Teatret in Copenhagen called PROJEKT LANDBRUG from March 3rd – 31st 2012.
LAND is 12 workshops, 4 dialogues, 20 performances and one documentation. LAND proposes to be a document and an event that could be part of a greater change in the general discourse on agriculture politics. The implications of modern agriculture reach so far into the national interests, that baptizing the project LAND seemed appro
priate. Parallel to the public presentations at Café Teateret there will be ongoing workshops/seminars with invited guests. These workshops/seminars produce the knowledge and argumentations for the performances.
Students, volunteers and activists in the field will attend these workshops, which are also open for public. Workshops, presentations and performances will be in English.
The concept and production of LAND is done by Joachim Hamou who has invited four main hosts divided over the four weeks in March 2012.
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Workshop LAND

Land invite

YARD is an exhibition project room, where a mixture of artists, architects and innovative forces can meet and interact. One of YARD´s main focus points is to connect the breakthroughs in art and architecture to the ecological problems that characterize our world. The gallery is run by Anette Holmberg, who has invited Michael Singer to the site at Refshale Island.
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Troldmanden fra OZ, Weekendavisen d. 5 aug. 2011 af Lisbeth Bonde


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