YARD deltager i årets Copenhagen Photo Festival – 10.-19. juni

Copenhagen Photo Festival_YARD gallery_Claudia Munkeboe

Copyright_Claudia Munkeboe

Once there was crowded and hectic on the Refshale Island, where B&W’s shipyard welcomed the ships, there were headed to Copenhagen. Today the gigantic industry buildings are lying abandoned and decaying.

But then again. Many of the city’s entrepreneurs have brought back life to the old buildings by bringing their businesses back to the former shipyard. And between the rusty metal constructions and eroded walls are the entrepreneurs talents born and growing. In the middle of the decaying are a new world born. The area are once again filled with life, which might only be discover upon entering the patinated buildings.

The exhibition “B&W Shipyard” is the result of a some of Copenhagen’s professional photographer’s exploration of the previous abandoned part of town.

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